Handbuilt by Peter Tommasini, are proud to present a set of 10 instructional DVD's for purchase. With over 40 years experience in metal shaping, in each series Peter imparts his knowleadge and guides you through his innovative techniques and unique style.

DVD Series 10
Hot shrinking
Panel beating
File finishing

DVD Series 7, 8 and 9
Stretching and shrinking
Hand swaging
Hand forming

DVD Series 4, 5 and 6
How to make a rust repair section with hand tools
Gas welding, repair and metal finishing lesson
How to make a door skin using the English Wheel

DVD Series 1, 2 and 3
Basic shrinking and stretching metal plus Paper patterns
Using tools and Bulbous shapes
Making return shapes

All DVD's are now available for purchase by contacting us at tommasini@handbuilt.net.au. Payments can be made using PayPal, Creditcard or Money Order. Video formats include PAL and NTSC.

Australia (includes GST & Postage)
Series 10 : AU$52.00
Series 1-10 : AU$400.00

USA (includes Shipping)
Series 10 : AU$65.00
Series 1-10 : AU$410.00

Worldwide (includes Shipping)
Series 10 : AU$70.00
Series 1-10 : AU$415.00


"I went on a wheeling course with Geoff Moss using aluminium previous to buying your DVD's which great and got me started, but I lacked the rest of the techniques to make a panel which I'm learning with your Dvd's, and have found very informative and well laid out."

"I saw the DVD's and thought they were the best I've seen. In the series you have enough time to explain why you are doing what you do and sometimes what happens if you do it a different way. I've not seen a DVD, other than yours, that told what to use for a dollie and best of all how to use the dollie and hammer."

"I have finally had a chance to see the DVD's. They are fantastic... I think I will nominate you for Australian of the year next year! If panel beating apprentices watched these DVD's and picked up a tenth of it they would be on the road to being craftspersons. I could watch them over and over and pick up something new each time. With the full set of DVD's you wouldn't need anything else, when I think of all the useless DVD's I have purchased over the years that taught me very little. The tools are also such good quality and I have never seen most of them available anywhere else world wide. Thank you Peter, I hope your apprentice appreciates being taught by a real craftsman."

"I've seen the first DVD in the series and I'm very happy about having purchased your series. You clearly have a gift for teaching and, though I've got teaching series from Covell, Gardner, and Lazzie Jannssen, yours is right up there at the top. You and Lazzie have the best recording quality of them all - thank you for that. If you decide to do another series, put my name at the top of the waiting list!"

"I received dvds 7,8 and 9 promptly as you said. I watched them over the course of one weekend and really enjoyed them. The techniques were explained as well as can be done short of being there with you."

"By the way I was very impressed with The content it was very clear. I mentioned in an earlier email that I liked the multiple explanations which helped to clarify difficult points. The choice of the rear quarter panel was certainly the most ambitious project that I've seen on a metal shaping disc. The content and techniques you demonstrated place it well ahead of the others on the market."

"Thank you for your fast delivery of Series 7,8,9. I just want to give you a quick feed back after watching the DVDs three times so far. I had some expectations when I ordered this time because I already have Series 1,2,3,4,5,6 and have learned a lot from these. Well, the expectations were far exceeded. Making the Monaro quarter is indeed a very advanced project, but even for a novice like me there are tons of information that I can use on simpler projects .To see how you applied various techniques on a actual panel was exactly what I was looking for. I really hope you will continue to make these interesting and very informative DVDs! Thank you for sharing Your knowledge and experience!"

"Your work is truly amazing. The way you can develop a crisp bend line after blocking a line up, then shaping into a dolly, is truly amazing to me. Watching the wheel arch take shape was pretty mind blowing. So much attention to detail, and so much knowledge of what happens to this flange when that area is raised. Ive said it before, I have lots of DVD’s on metal shaping but not one comes close toy your ability with hand tools."

"I received the 6 DVD's on Saturday and have just finished going through them (Monday). Lots of good information here and different than the 45 plus, other videos and DVD's on Metal Shaping I have. Please let me know when the DVD for the Monaro Rear Panel is ready as I'll definately be a buyer. Thank You."

"Yes the series was definitely informative. I thought it was clear how you explained the off dolly and on dolly hammering and slapping. Also the explanation of the hammering up after welding by concentrating on the different areas was also very clearly explained. I also liked the explanation of making a door skin and the use of the wood to form the radius this is something I have never been taught to do, so very useful. I would like to see a reverse formed around a full wheel arch so that is why I'm looking forward to the 1/4 panel DVD."

"I have many DVDs from other master metal shapers; Ron Covell, Ron Fournier, David Gardiner and John Glover. What I liked especially with your DVDs was that you were defining and showing how to make the bulbous shape and the return shape. I have not seen that in such a way in any other."

"Peter I really enjoy watching your DVD it is real down to earth solid information, I cant wait to watch you do the full quarter panel."

"I have just finished watching your series 1-6 DVDs. I find them very good and formative. I like how you teach; you are very good at explaining the subjects to detail."

"I'm very satisfied with your DVD series and I look forward to your new series, let me know when they are available."