Machine Tools

Wheeling Machine - Our Cast Handbuilt Wheeling Machine is based on the design of the English Wheel which I have been using for more than 30 years. This machine is necessary for the finishing and shaping of most panels. I have modified it to provide more precision, versatility and strength.


"Peter, you know from our conversations that I like to design and build machines and having taken a second look at your new shrinker, I would like to extend my congratulations on what I am seeing as a very sophisticated design built in a simplistic manner. I like the deep throat and the fact that the die opening angle further adds to this machines versatility. Mounted on wheels with locking castors makes it easy to move around the shop.

While I am very proud of my own shrinking machine design, I really admire the fact that yours is air powered with the ability to vary the hit pressure, and to be able to switch from multiple style dies and the fact that the die holders are bolted in place adds to the versatility. I'm afraid that this might appear to be an advertisement, but I could not let such wisdom go unappreciated. This machine is clearly well done and would be a wise investment for those metal shapers intent on saving time as a way to earn money.

I spent some time talking to Kerry Pinkerton after I built my own English Wheel and counted the time finding and matching parts, running around looking for steel tubing, doing the layout, making fixtures, etc., etc. (and then building my power shrinker) it becomes abundantly clear that it would be wiser to pay for the machine that you want and spend the time before and after earning money."